Unable to speak in global or alliance chat

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I'm trying to get back into the game but I'm unable to chat at all... anyone else have this issue??
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    You may have been banned from chat. You can obviously get banned for messaging that breaks the rules, but you can also get banned for repeatedly spamming chat with Alliance recruiting messages or any other repeated message. I would contact support. (When you have the game open, click the gear icon in the upper left corner and contact support through there.)
  • Manumission18Manumission18 Posts: 32
    Bit strange though.. I havent played in over 6 months..
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    Hey Manumission18, I recommend trying the troubleshooting steps below.

    - iOS Troubleshooting
    - Android Troubleshooting

    If those steps don't resolve the issue, as was mentioned above, it's possible you're unable to use the in-game Chat as a result of having received a temporary or permanent Chat ban.

    Unfortunately, we're unable to view account-specific information here in the Forums and can't be sure if you've received a Chat ban or not. Therefore, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team for clarification. You can contact them by clicking HERE.
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