Black Widow (Deadly Origin) - My Favorite Skill Champion

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I won't lie. I was disappointed when I saw Black Widow (Deadly Origins) pop out of my 6-Star crystal. But I had to give her a chance to prove herself. In saying that, I took her to Realm of Legends and well, well I was surprised. To be hitting 3k on a medium without a Critical Hit. It was very impressive. Black Widow (Deadly Origins) stacks shocks and each shock does a very good amount of damage!
Black Widow (Deadly Origins) could definitely be a rank 3 OPTION if I get a Skill Tier 5 Class Catalyst.
But for now, rank 2 will do!

If anybody has this champion as a 4-Star, 5-Star or 6-Star, rank her up, she is amazing and MOST people are forgetting she's in the game and it is really sad to see such a good champion overlooked like this.

She is a Alliance Quest (AQ) KILLER! She can destroy ANY fight in Alliance Quest (AQ) OTHER than the doom boss (Because he is shock immune and that is where most of her damage comes from).

She is also really good if you are pushing for Uncollected, all the nodes don't really affect her gameplay style.
Speaking of gameplay style, her rotations are So clean! The best way to play her is probably the following:
Parry-Medium-Light-Light-Light-Dash Back-Parry-Heavy-Parry-Medium-Light-Light-Light and then decide what you want to do here.

If you try the sequence above, you'll probably fall in love with her too!
At Rank 3 for a 5-Star her Sp2 does about 10k Damage for the whole Attack.
At Rank 1 for a 6-Star her Sp2 does about 14k-15k Damage for the whole Attack.

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    Yeah I had similar feelings when I first got her from a featured crystal and thought that I won't use her until a friend of mine recommended trying as he ranked her up himself and honestly she's been quite fun to play with
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    She is really fun to play
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 784 ★★★
    would love to have her. not too many shock damage dealer in the game right now.
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    i like to use my five hit combo to get those precision buffs going ... she's one of my favorites!
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    She’s fantastic, absolutely worth r3
  • She is amazing. I have mine 5* r4 unduped and she does good work. Used her to solo nameless and her DOT destroys. plus SP2 while the enemy has a shock debeuff and watch their health melt
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    Can't wait to pull her to pair with my Red Guardian
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