Game still crashes

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Of course the game still crashes & kabam still hasn’t fixed it... I bet if this had cost kabam $$$ it would’ve been fixed with in a day but no it’s now been weeks & now it’s costing us players points in arenas & hard telling what other resources... @Kabam Miike its time to fix this issue
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  • GercasGercas Posts: 86
    Just last war cost me two death, plus today cost me half the health on incursion sector 8 zone 7 guess what i die after that. The worst thing for me is that no one from kabam have at least acknowledge the problem and if they have i haven't read it
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  • Hey guys, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. If you haven't already, please share the requested information in the lag and performance issues thread for either iOS or Android, depending on what kind of device you have. Thanks!
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