Are you serious Kabamarble?!

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Firstly I want to start off by saying thank you for identifying the issues surrounding the plethora of bugs that are currently wreaking havoc across the Battlerealm and announcing that there is a fix on the way (we do appreciate when the team does us these solids).
You could probably tell there was a but coming and there is...BUT how disgusting can a company get after game breaking bugs are identified you then throw out a $50 bundle for us to use to revive our characters that are being killed off by and large due to your bugs?! That's (removed by mod) insulting and you know it.

Do you actually want people to continue playing or what?

#howlowcankabamarblego #thislow


  • FluxxyFluxxy Posts: 57
    Yeah I hope that such was the case and it was just a terrible coincidence.
    It just irks me because ultimately it could've been decided it was in poor taste and postponed.
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    And here I was hopeful for Halls of Healing... but that potion sale has sent a clear message that that isn't going to happen.
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