Arena help button update?

DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 2,476 ★★★★
Any ideas on when this is getting fixed yet? I know its under investigation - however its extremely annoying ive got 400 champs waiting on help, got at least 600 requests at any one time from alliance mates, and it takes forever to click single helps since the x4 help is dead


  • MagicBentonMagicBenton Posts: 261 ★★★
    They need to just scrap the entire Help mechanic. It causes so many issues and provides almost no benefit. Do people really care about the 10 mins it saves on cooldown? I only click help to get the champs I just used in arena to the bottom of my available champs. And people generally don’t click help when there are like 600 outstanding helps in the alliance tab, so you rarely even get the cooldown reduction. It’s so stupid and pointless and has caused hundreds of bugs over the years. Just give everyone 1k loyalty for logging in daily and get rid of this useless and outdated mechanic.
  • airmundoairmundo Posts: 101
    Help 4 until 960, then do single helps until 1000, then go back to help 4. Tell your alliance mates if you really need the help on your champs because who knows how long it will take to patch a non-game changing bug.
  • Seems the alliance help button was fixed but the help button you push for your champ after an arena match remains bugged
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