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Champ Sp1 and Sp2 not working

myself and a few others in my alliance have noticed that differing champs Sp1 and Sp2 attacks fail to engage yet power will disappear from power bar. this is happening game wide ie quest, arena and aq.

one member has reported that power will randomly disapear with out him activating Sp attacks.

it doesnt happen all the time but at random and is causing us to lose fights or not risk the using the sp attacks.

can you please look into this issue


  • zMaoriiboiizMaoriiboii Posts: 150
    Just happened to me in AW with sp3....... Not impressed...
  • kaytwo7kaytwo7 Posts: 8
    Happened to me and another member alliance too
  • Kabam it happened to all android users in our Alliance. I hope that you have a compensation plan for this bug. Alot of our champs suffered damages and some even died because of this bug in AQ and AW.
  • Convict1Convict1 Posts: 25
    Same here sp1 was activated energy disappeared but no action several in my alliance has also had this same problem.
  • Sp1 and sp2 not working.
  • ChirpsChirps Posts: 17
    Same here, just barely beat a 3.5k daredevil with my 2k wolverine in alliance wars because when I should have killed him with my yellow the sky went dark but my character just stood there with his mouth open like he went to xaviers school for special needs kids. That compounded with character bugging out occasionally and just walking forward when I swipe backwards is making this borderline unplayable. I did learn though if I hit the tab button on my phone about 5 times it pauses and I can control my character again fine 80% of the time. /sigh
  • TPJimTPJim Posts: 1
    Yes this happens to me also lets hope kabam fixes this in the next update or server maintenance
  • ChirpsChirps Posts: 17
    I notice it most in arena, but that is probably due to faster and more precise fighting, it has probably cost me 40 to 50k points so far and a bit of frustration. But c'est la vie, what can you do. Definitely won't spend money till it's fixed.
  • ChirpsChirps Posts: 17
    edited October 2017
    Lost two whole power bars on a fight that was hard enough anyways, and I have less than 100 hit points left lol. Still just happy I pulled it out at the last second with blocks. You push the power but you can still act normally, (just block tho the computer see's you are open for a hit)
  • Jamez_1976Jamez_1976 Posts: 5
    This screwed me in Aq and arena.
  • ChirpsChirps Posts: 17
    Jamez_1976 wrote: »
    This screwed me in Aq and arena.

  • Same thing occured in my Alliance in AQ map 4 and arena fights too. SP1 and 2 fail to launch. Seems to switch to unstoppable mode instead sometimes.
  • Update from Last Night DID NOT fix the PROBLEM with SP misfires. Does Kabam still not get it ? Or are they stretching this out to allow the uninformed to waste more $$ on revives and heals ? My fellow Alliance members are halting AQ and AW play till this is remedied.
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