AQ focused Ally LF map 6 and map 5 experienced players

Hello Summoners,

I am looking for experienced map 6 players that can clear their lanes and could be mini boss killers or map 5 experienced mini boss and boss killers.

I am trying to build a 2nd BG in my Alliance of a group of 10 that want to do map 6 on day 1 and eventually work together with success to doing day 2.

Currently I have BG 1 doing 65555 Master Modifiers

Bg2 55555 with Master Modifiers

And BG3 55555 with Master Modifiers

I want my Alliance to Progress and get better individually and as a team.

Line app for communication is a requirement as is being active during AQ and AW if you join War. War is optional to join but I am trying to get the Alliance out of Silver 1 and get into Gold 3 or even Gold 2.

If this sounds interesting please reach out to me via the Line app my name is zbot34

Thank you and have a wonderful day or night


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 281

    Here is a picture of my Alliance AQ score from last week and we are on our way to another good solid AQ score this week. This has been an average for the past 3 to 5 weeks
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 281
    I am still looking for a couple of players with map 5 and map 6 experience to help continue the success my Alliance has been having. I have a couple players retiring so that is why I am looking currently.

    Ideally I want to get my AQ part of the Alliance to hitting 300mil milestones currently at 260 mil.

    For AW which is optional if you join us, I would like to get back into Gold 3 and shoot for Gold 2. Resource use for AW is optional as well if you are wanting to save that for AQ and such.
  • Runner1985 for your consideration. I have some map6 and a good amount of map5 experience.
    5* r5 awakened omega, Capt marvel, quake
    Soon to be r5 dupped Aegon.
    Will be r2 6* domino and lots of other potential r4 r5 ready beyond and God Tier champs.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 281
    @Runners2nd thanks for showing your interest. Do you have the line app? That is a requirement too join in my Alliance. Plus it will make talking easier to see if my Alliance is a good fit for you and if you are an equally good fit for us. Hit me up zbot34 is my line
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