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Mephesto not counting for diversity..

HollowbunnyHollowbunny Posts: 28
edited October 2017 in General Discussion
Ty ass clown Kabam developers.. but keep those daily 30$ - 50$ deals coming


  • AegonTAegonT Posts: 156
    Same for my alliance and the one we fought today. Keep up the work guys!
  • gahrlinggahrling Posts: 199
  • We had the same happen to us. Placed 1 in BG1 and in game showed we had 150 player diversity and when the War ended we only got credit for 149. We Lost because of it. Please give our Alliance the correct rewards for a win.
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,196 ★★★
    Can confirm this just happened to us as well.

    Always have 150 diversity.

    Switch out Hyperion and replace with Mephisto (still no duplicates per BG) --- 149 diversity.
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