2 looking for an alliance

We are 2 players looking for an alliance. We just want to have fun. We have been playing almost since the start. We are looking for an alliance to have fun in. I'll be honest, we don't like playing AQ or Aw that much. We do mostly quests and arena. If you have something like this, let us know.
our game names are
Penny pins
Pill Z


  • SexyTSexyT Posts: 22
    We do map 66666 and gold2 war going to gold1 add Freedomfhiter on line if interested
  • fartkowskifartkowski Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply but we are looking for an alliance that we won't have to play AQ or Aw all the time. We still play those but like the option of a break sometimes.
  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    We run Map 4 AQ and 2 BGs for AW in season, 1 BG off season. Would need to make appearances and score some points in AQ. Currently one spot open, when another comes available we could give to the other
  • Sunny2Sunny2 Posts: 183 ★★
    Aq We do 2 bgs 5s and1 bg 54444(4s not much a time commitment).
    optional 1bg gold 3 war .
    Very laid back alliance of all end game players. If interested let me know need 2 currently.
  • ShiYiAnShiYiAn Posts: 15
    I’ve got a hint for you - I’m afraid it involves some rational thinking and the decision to not pointlessly join an alliance though... HMU if you want to know the idea!
  • I added y’all in game. We are a chill alliance. We run 2 Bgs in both AQ and AW. If you can place in war we won’t push too much else. We do our best to keep the game enjoyable.

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