Do you play the game with sound?



  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,390 ★★★★
  • Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 4,045 ★★★★★


    Me too
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 1,575 ★★★★
    I turn the music off only. It's old and outdated. Can't wait for the new stuff!
  • Noodes_Noodes_ Posts: 92
    edited November 2020
    Only sound effects. No music. And I find it helps for certain fights like yondu and doom. I like sound cues better than visual
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,400 ★★★★★
    I like to play with music on in the background so I don’t play with game music or game sound.
  • FintechFintech Posts: 164 ★★
    Yes because sound cues help alot and i can also grind arena without having to look at the game. I've also died in quests a few times because my game was muted and i looked away too long during loading screens
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 725 ★★★
    i have always played the game with sound for 4 years. I like to hear the cues and sounds as in when to evade and such.
  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 5,869 ★★★★★
    Lvernon15 said:

    I can't sit in the void of silence

    you're one of those people with friends, huh. disgusting
    I don’t understand, what’s a “friend” I’ve never heard of those things before
    You can buy them at the supermarket
  • DjinDjin Posts: 1,902 ★★★★★
    Kabam Boo said:

    Sound adds a certain layer of texture distraction to the fights, don't you think ;)

    Now I agree.
  • rdxevilrdxevil Posts: 211
    Only first 2 days... Then I only heard the sound on players playing on YouTube
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