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I bought all the deals on Black Friday which gave me a **** ton of catalysts
Stupidly i didnt pay attention to this and ranked up low level 5* instead of my R3s and now i have a ton of T2A and T5B in the stash
*I have the Sigil
I have 4 T5B and 15 T2A and 5 T5B and 28 T2A in my stash
I dont mind letting a bit go to waste i just need help figuring out an optimized plan to get rid of as much as possible
I have basically no iso so i need to just rank up characters and prob cant level up. (maybe a one or two)
Can u help me decide how to burn these resources as quickly as possible?
The only 6* I dont mind having to rank up r Ronin and White Magneto.

Hype and above r Rank 4s. *Hype shows he can be ranked up becuz of a gem not becuz of enough catalysts.

Hulk and above r Rank 3s

Yellowjacket and above r Rank 2s


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    Doom would be a good choice
  • Silver_GooseSilver_Goose Posts: 434 ★★★
    Definitely Hyperion.
  • Silver_GooseSilver_Goose Posts: 434 ★★★
    sdexc said:

    Definitely Hyperion.

    Forgot to mention-I can only Rank up Hype becuz i have a 4->5 Cosmic Gem
    not wanting to use that. prefer to burn through the other resources
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    Doom, Warlock, Quake
  • You can still RANKUP the champs, using your CATS.
    You don’t have to actually LEVEL them up using ISO right away after ranking them.
    Then just wait and build your ISO.
    Your Cats won't expire then if you use them to do the RANKUP now.
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    You can burn through some of the t1a by taking r1 to r2 - wolvie, DD, venom, she hulk and rulk are all champs worth ranking. That will use up 25 t1a.

    You're gonna need some t4cc from the look of it to be able to use the other cats, I would be working to get that.
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    the cats won’t expire if you just rank up now, level up later.

    I’d go Doom, Warlock, Quake.
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