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Would you buy a reasonably priced Rare 2⭐️ Champion Bundle?

VavasourVavasour Posts: 258
edited October 2017 in General Discussion

Would you buy a reasonably priced Rare 2⭐️ Champion Bundle? 57 votes

Hell yeah!
GroundedWisdomNevvBVavasourDrakon56StefffViper1987YellsomeAxeCopFireadqqedfyvrVision_41SpeedbumpnebCovenanter77RenKojimaNexus_UY_ScutiMr_mc_person34DkutctghDevin 18 votes
No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
DL864winterthurRotmgmoddyEbbtideRB6942StavelotXoteSnakeEyes69CA2HIHarcourtmazeZoddymamNDK13MillybearMuttTasticphillgreendoctordoomNormanBJJAlCapone2727Falcon1305HoidCosmereTellthemIAM 39 votes


  • StavelotXoteStavelotXote Posts: 231
    No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
    No, but they should throw these crystals into the Sunday arena milestones instead of the stuff currently in there.

    At least then I'd be interested a little more
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,200 ★★★★★
    No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
    Is there one on offer currently? The last I saw was Moonknight.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    There's a 2* Special bundle via Marvel Insider that awards a 2* Blade.

    Just collect points, then redeem.
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    Hell yeah!
    If with units or Insider points
  • FivesFives Posts: 118 ★★
    No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
    I DO wish they would do what they did way back in the ultron event quest, though; give out two star versions of featured champions through alliance events. It let people get an idea of whether or not they wanted to go for the champion. It'd probably make them more money in the long run if they did that again, and besides, nobody's really gonna get that much use out of 2*s anymore. Back then, maybe. Now, though, there's no downside to giving them out.

    That said, 2*s probably aren't high on their priority list right now; I'd assume bug fixes and the like are currently their central focus. I'd hope so.
  • Barry_Allen007Barry_Allen007 Posts: 147
    No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
    I have OCD and even I wouldn't pay for that.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,367 ★★★★
    No, I'm neither OCD nor the Collectior?
  • Endo915Endo915 Posts: 40
    Are you a mentally sane person??
  • CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
    They need to make content for 2* for them to be worth it
  • PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 918 ★★★★
    No, if I ever reach a point in the game where I no longer receive 2 star champions, I'll sell them all. I only keep them because I get ISO + shards and it's easier than selling them.
  • DevinDevin Posts: 1
    Hell yeah!
    Thank you for the help
  • RenKojimaRenKojima Posts: 273
    Hell yeah!
    Not with money I would just spend some units like @Vision_41 said
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