Looking for an Alliance with Alliance events

AW gold 3 AQ 5 or would like to try map 6 at low level. I am an adult player been playing for 5yrs
I play daily great at communication line ggodorova display pathseeker or in game
Preferred 18m to 20m Alliance that uses line or discord roster pics on request

Thanks happy gaming


  • iyaoyas21iyaoyas21 Posts: 13

    We are on the move. Getting better/stronger all the time. Trying to complete our roster. We usually do map 4 in AQ unless there is no war going on. Then we'll do map 5. Silver 1 right now, shooting for Gold 3 (maybe gold 2) by the end if there season.

    Line ID: iyaoyas2121
    In game: iyaoyas21

    Let me know if you are interested.
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 421

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