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How can I effectively use Angela's aptitude buff

She gains armor up buff below 1 bar of power, ( From Crits )
Fury buff between 1-2 bars of power, ( From Crits )
Precision buff between 2-3 bars of power ( From Crits )
And Aptitude buff on 3 bars of power. ( From Crits )
Buffs lasts15 seconds.

At 3 bars of power you can get only Aptitude buff (2 stacks ) from crit hits. One Aptitude buff increases the effect of all Fury, Armor, and Precision Buffs by 50%. 2 stacks = 100% logically.

So, if you gain 1000 attack rating with fury buff, with one Aptitude buff ( +50 % ) it should be 1500 or 2000 attack rating with 2 Aptitude buffs.

It looks like the Aptitude buff doesnt affect the current armor up buff, fury and precision buff and looks like you need to regain those buffs after a special attack 3

So, if the Aptitude buff last 15 seconds, how i can reach 1-2 bar of power and land some crit hits to get fury and precision buffs with 50%/100% increased effect before the Aptitude buff expires ????

As you can see in the screenshot Angela does same damage without and with Aptitude buffs and looks like the Aptitude buff doesnt affect current buffs you have and it impossible to regain fury and precision in 15 seconds after SP 3

The question: How can I effectively use Angela's aptitude buff ?????


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    MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,605 ★★★★★
    If you play a little aggressively, you can easily get back to refreshing her Fury buffs before the Aptitude disappears.

    Failing that, you can extend it by 25% using the CAIW/Thor synergy.

    Also: take her into the Cavalier EQ and watch her damage rocket. Seriously, her SP3 damage in that Quest is insane.
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    Use a 150-200% power booster. Also, try her out in the Cavalier difficulty EQ Cosmic buff chapter. Drop her SP3 & watch the opponent's health melt away.
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    Just keep doing heavy attacks. It refresh her armor buffs which stacks the aptitude faster, her heavy attack does almost all her damage also. Way more than her specials
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