Now I think its really time for some compensation....

Last time game went down just after anniversary gift distribution.
Now the game is down again accompanied by a lot of problems.2 star arena is really time consuming and now this?
Happy Anniversary


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    Annoying id the poeple who think everyone is annoying except them
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    *No Comments*
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    @TaigaMini if I pay you to build me a wall in an hour, I come back and the bricks have fallen down, it would be wrong for me to expect a refund?
    But I'm not paying for a wall. The wall is being built for me. If it falls down, I'd like it rebuilt, but don't expect a refund for something I haven't paid for.
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    Right now what really matters is the time we are losing...Personally,I was about to grind some of those 6 star shards and I see the game is down...So maybe they should do something about the arena scores instead of a full blown care package of crystal shards or something like that.
    If this new version gives so many problems why don't we go back to version 12 :D:D
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