Nebula and Cable

HeroBoltsyHeroBoltsy Posts: 747 ★★★
Recently pulled both from 4* crystals. How good are they? Are they worth 4/40? My current thoughts are to 4/40 both as a) boost to my prestige, b) an alliance member has praised Cable repeatedly, and c) I need an immunity champion badly. Help!


  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,691 ★★★★
    Nebula is very mediocre, she has double immunities but that's pretty much it. Her shock system is awful and her regen is next to useless. Cable, on the other hand, is quite good especially when awakened, he isn't a god tier champ but if you don't have a huge roster of champions he'll certainly come in handy in a good amount of fights. Nebula I'd stick at 3/30 but Cable probably deserves taking up to 4/40
  • Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
    Cable is tricky to use because of his mechanics.

    Cable requires a heavy as the first hit after a parry and you’ll get good damage off that. Try to refresh the Degen when the enemy has little to no power. His L2 is bread and butter and when he’s awakened he’ll get MUCH better power gain! Plus his occasional regen helps a lot
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