Generic 5* Rank 2-3 Rank Up Gem Issue. Need Help

I have an issue with 5* Rank 2-3 rank up gem, recently I completed Variant 6 and got 3 Generic Rank 2-3 rank up gem which went to my overflow stash as I already have 3 from V5 and I also have a few class-based rank up gem also saved. Now when I went to use them on a few 5* champs I see that I cannot use the generic as I have class-based 2-3 gem, and there is no option of selecting the generic over the class one. I tried to go to the inventory and directly use it from there but that also I cannot do.

Is there any other way to select the Generic gem instead of class ??

If there is no other way for me to use my generic first other than using the class first and then using generic on the rest of the champs. Then this is a disappointing QOL scenario. I understand that Kabam doesn't take responsibility for what expires in our overflow stash but still if they are giving out something which is generic and gives us the option to use over the class then shouldn't the option be in-game also, which currently there is no.

I hope the Kabam team looks into this and do something or let me know if there is a way to choose generic over the class.

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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
    Sorry bro, nothing you can do about that until you exhaust the class gems.
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    Was525Was525 Posts: 98
    Upgrade him then submit a ticket and tell them and they can fix it for you
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