My first R5 5* (and second too)

Just wanted to share that I finally took a 5* champ to Rank 5. I have saved resources for one, but after completing V6 I got the rank up gem I didn't want (as I already had resources to Rank 5 that champ). So switched my plans and made this guy my first Rank 5

He was my 4th 5* and from the day I got him, he has helped me clear a lot of content which was really hard for me at that time (all thanks to his SP3). It's still so fun to play with him and I still remember the first time I saw his SP3 damage and couldn't believe it.

With the Rank up gem, I decided to get that boy who I initially planned to take to R5

Share about your first 5* Rank 5 champ.


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