AQ: MAP 5 x3 // AW: 3 BGs

Hey! We are [ELGS] Gob Stoppers

War rating: 1,125 GOLD 3
Alliance rating: 17,100,734

28 Members need 2!

Line App required bc we`re a communicative bunch
AQ required but if you've got life stuff just let us know and we`ll pick up slack
AW placement required but attack is optional

AQ Maps x3: 5/5/5
AW Maps x3 (usually Intermediate sometimes Normal)
All sounds good? Message me on line: Chikara Killi



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    ChikaraKilliChikaraKilli Posts: 19
    We are still searching for some new homies
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    IronFisterIronFister Posts: 46
    edited December 2020
    I’m interested and I have line, add me Neptune2302
    Also, tried adding you on line and it says you don’t exist
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    ChikaraKilliChikaraKilli Posts: 19
    Hey! LINE is preventing me from searching for more people, could you please accept my friend request in game so we can chat
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    ChikaraKilliChikaraKilli Posts: 19
    If it's easier, please message id: Emeraljedi on LINE- he's at work right now but will be back in about 6 hours
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