Is cull good for V2

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I have a awakened five star cull and I’m starting to lay out plans for a V2 run and I’m curious if he’s good for it? Any info would help.


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    The XL variant?, yeah he's good, particularly for the stun immune evading science adaptoid in 2.2.1(you will need to win 3 fights with him on the path to get the charges which gives him the anti-evade utility)but he kind of needs the guardian synergy for the block proficiency make sure he is atleast rank 4 for some sustainability.

    What are your other options though?
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    Faseeh said:

    Hes amazing for it. Im using my 5* r3 and with the guardian synergy hes destroying so much of it

    Hmm, I recently got him as a 5 star, but I just used the 4 star r4 version where I needed him in V2 (2.2.1 boss), I'd like my 5 star awakened though, he's a fun damage dealer with some nice utility on the side
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