Hit monkey or guardian

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Shall take red guardian duped to rank 4 or hit monkey unduped


  • Danyal_39Danyal_39 Posts: 151
    Of course Guardian, but still you need to high sig him. His utility is all there even unduped but his high sig ability make him an even tankier champ and give him some amazing resistances. Don't know much about Hit Monkey but Guardian is an absolute tank as well as a power house.
  • Danyal_39Danyal_39 Posts: 151
    BTW, what sig is your Guardian?
  • Umarmusty12Umarmusty12 Posts: 21
    My bad i meant red guardian
  • Danyal_39Danyal_39 Posts: 151
    Sorry didn't read your post only title, well I haven't both of them then I can't comment on them. From what I've heard Red Guardian is best buffet counter cause he can't any buffs, not even from dex. He has slow, vulnerable and trauma debuffs to increase his damage and he is tanky as well but requires a bit of skills to get max potential. He is also not great with suicide i.e. suicide unfriendly. While Hit Monkey has guaranteed crits, really high damage without any ramp-up (unlike Red Guardian), suicide friendly, has debuffs shrug off, evade counter and a few things more. But since I've never used them, I can't tell which one is better.
  • Red Guardian probably fills a bigger hole in most people’s rosters. Hitmonkey is a little bit more generic in that his biggest asset is high high damage output, though that doesn’t make him especially unique.

    I have Hitmonkey R5 and he comes out to play a little bit.
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