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I've currently been stuck in the loading screen for an AQ fight for 10 minutes. It hasnt timed me out, nor said connection issues. No sign of the connection issue logo - I have full bars connection in a strong connection area. This has already cost me 3 revives. Now this is the 4th. This revives are not free, nor do we have infinite useage of items...

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  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 2,071 ★★★★
    Just had to force restart after 12 minutes.. Oh.. dead.. 4 revives used all because of the game not connecting into the fight.

    Sort it out, unless you want to refund every revive I'm having to use to complete AQ. We're seeing this in AQ / AW and Questing. Yet you're still enabling war and AQ to start knowing players have to run it.
  • Can you please supply us with the relevant information from this Template? I'll have this report looked into, but more information is always helpful.
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    Samsung Note 20 Ultra
    Android 11
    Celluar - 23 - 30Mbps
    Version 29.2.1
    AQ Map 7 Path 3
    Corvus 6* R3 Sig vs Doc Ock /Mags (NOW) / HT / Bishop.
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    @Kabam Miike

    I revived and healed up. Spent a whole load of units team healing. 760 units to be exact. Then this happens and knocks out half the health on my BWCV.
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    I would have happily taken half health on my corvus, it KO'd mine multiple times. I can tweet videos if needed, stopped recording between because I went to post & speed test. Pretty much the same screen though, no connection issue logo, fast connection and no error or disconnection, just continuous loading.

    Hasn't happened with Nick or Sunspot in my T2 team, someone in my alliance had it happen a few times to him too (not sure if its on the account that's in my alliance, or his main - both are map 7) .
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