R.I.P Iceman

I feel so sad for the Android players who don't have iceman and 5 star shards also


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    BeholdKTBeholdKT Posts: 14
    It hasn't even been a half day. You can miss two days and get the whole calendar. You can miss FIVE days and still get Iceman. Boo hoo.
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    Tse7en5Tse7en5 Posts: 39
    Also, the game has to legit be down for a 24 hour period before you miss out on the login rewards. It functions on a 24 hour rolling timer.
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    ScuebydueScuebydue Posts: 38
    Game is up on android. Log in!
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    Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey OP. I'm really sorry that you're having login issues on your Android device. Since we have a lot of repeat posts about this, I'm going to make this thread the main post for this issue. I'll be closing your post now. Thanks so much for your patience!
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