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Need tips for progression and champs

TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
Hey guys! I have recently completed act 4 and am now exploring it for the points, and exploration. I wanted to ask you guys what i should do now further, in the game. I am cool with the arenas. I do a few milestones for the 3*, 4* basics and 4 star featured one, and ST.

I have quite a few of 3 star champs, but i am not really worried about them. I am thinking of maxing them out, but they will take time to max out. Here's my 4 and 5 star roster. Can you guys please give me some tips and suggestions on which champs should i focus on, and what quests/ progressions should i focus on.

Would appreciate your thoughts!


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    Mars_UltorMars_Ultor Posts: 159
    Rank Up List (Not totally in order, but whatever)

    At your level, I would focus on 4*s
    1. Namor-will tear through most bleed-immune matchups- R5
    2. Cull Obsidian- Rout+Armor Breaks=Destruction- R5
    3. Sunspot- Watch some Youtube on him and you're set- R5
    4. Sym Supreme- Any buff matchup is cannon fodder for this man- R4 at least
    5. Venom- Tech and Spiderverse champions will be paper targets- R5 after Cull.
    6. Havok- great against any energy damage characters- R4 at least
    7. Hulkbuster- Not a bad champ, I still haven't gotten used to him, but you may be able to- R5
    8. Stealth Spidey- How have I not already put him on the list? Deals serious sp 1 damage with Fury and Precision- R5
    9. Hiemdall- You'll mostly just want him for synergies, so youonly need him to be payable- R4
    10. Sorcerer is great for AW offense, at least. Maybe everything else, but I don't know- Rank Pending.

    As for your 5* Roster
    1. Like I said, Stealth spidey- R5 (But you only need him at R3 for now)
    2. Arch Angel- Haven't played him myself, but heard good things about him- R4-5, 3 for now.
    3. Voodoo- Just like Sym Supreme, only better- R4 at least, R3 for now.
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    Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 4,139 ★★★★★
    You should go for stealthy,archangel,sorcerer supreme,sunspot,venom and voodoo.
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    Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,558 ★★★★★
    Content wise, I’d continue exploring act 4. You should continue ranking up 5* voodoo, archangel, and stealthy. Ideally you want to get voodoo and archangel awakened so if you ever get a 5* awakening gem for those classes, use it on them. 4* wise you should eventually max out venom, sorcerer supreme, sym supreme, hulkbuster, and sunspot. Tigra also gets a shout if you want to learn her because she’s fun but you should rank up the other three mystics I mentioned first.
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    TheGodmasterTheGodmaster Posts: 123 ★★
    go for Sunspot omega red and sym sumpreme max
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