What do you think the restrictions for the next variant will be?



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    Guardians of the galaxy variant.
    Boss 1: Star lord (Random nodes that make it hard)
    Boss 2: Gamora (More random nodes)
    Boss 3: Rocket (Random nodes again)
    Boss 4: Drax (New node that makes him able to phase)
    Boss 5: Yondu (Random node)
    Boss 6 (FINAL BOSS!): Groot (random node)

    Special node: Guardian buffs get increased potency by 500%
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    Faseeh said:

    Faseeh said:

    I’d hope for something like v2, where you aren’t restricted to anything, but one group is preferred and gets a bonus.

    Maybe focused on different debuffs (Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, etc)

    Or maybe by year if they do rocket and Groots holiday (2014-2018 chapter 1, 2019+ chapter 2)

    How was v2 not restricting? Your attacks glance and reflect dmg back....
    Yeah but you can still use champions like Hyperion, domino and cap Iw with spam heavy. Obviously XL champs are the best but you can use others too
    Thats still restricting. Nearly half of the champions that are in the game would be useless for it so you cant say its not restricting
    Yes it's restricting, but Variants will always be restricting. That's how Kabam has decided to make the content. However, V2 was clearly the least restrictive Variant (outside of technically V4) as you could still use any character if you were willing to play by the rules. V1 had gates, V3 had a 50% attack reduction, V5 had gates, and V6 killed your champs after 20 seconds. Those are all far more restrictive than making champs take some damage for using Light/Medium attacks.
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