Semi-retired LF Map 5 Only

Semi-retired player in need of Glory for champ rank ups.

Will run map 5. No AW.

Alliance must be << active >> & #organized. All 3 BGs must finish 100% reasonably early.


  • You can definitely join us, we are a new alliance and you can be considered an officer as soon as you join
  • BENJI830BENJI830 Posts: 194
    @Stewburner check us out.
  • NamorKavonNamorKavon Posts: 16
    @Stewburner Add me in-game (NoDealBrexit), we're an organised Map 5 alliance hitting 200m weekly (4100 glory) and use Discord for communication.
  • Sorry mate, I don’t have Discord. I use Line.
  • Join Truth-Seekers you won’t regret it
  • SamsilverflashSamsilverflash Posts: 28
    What's your ig name
  • Azumma
  • fourkwardfourkward Posts: 21
    @Stewburner 37 mil alley, AQ 5x5. 250 mil Only run 1 war group so no pressure there. Hit me up on line. Id#. 7imb3r
  • KaptainKaptain Posts: 47
    @Stewburner Hit me up on Line: kaptain_

    We have a spot for you. Map 5 w\225m weekly, AW optional.
  • I found an alliance.
  • NeinoIIINeinoIII Posts: 7
    If you are looking for even more lowkey and laid back check out [107SJ]. We run maps 4/3 in AQ breaking at least 80 mil every week. Silver 1 in AW with 2 bgs (optional). Line is required. 6k+ average prestige. We understand life comes first we just ask you communicate. If you're interested add me on line: neinoIII
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