Side event. Getting stunned even with the romantic Synergie.

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I just tried the new side event. You are getting stunned if you parry the opponent( That’s the Global ) The other Global is that if you play with a romance synergy, it basically nullify the other global and it gives you a a furry. I was playing with Domino and Collosus ( Romance Synergie) I was getting the fury’s but I got stunned every time I used a parry.


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    Domino has AAR, which affects the node
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    Crcrcrc said:

    Domino has AAR, which affects the node

    No, not if you're playing colossus at least. This is just false info. I tried a different synergy team, but this time Colossus, Domino, Human torch, Rogue and any other final champion, and the node works fine then. It seems adding Human torch and Rogue (another romance synergy) fixes the issue for all four characters including domino and colossus.
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    From what I've tried so far, Invisible Woman and Namor work fine, but Tigra, Moon Knight, Iron Man and Luke Cage get stunned..
    To be continued :neutral:

    Later edit: I think SQ should be avoided for now.. The stun comes and goes, even under cooldown.. And even when stunned, you get the Fury..
    I think it's obvious it shouldn't work this way..
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