Fights are not registering as done [Merged Threads]

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I fought the sentinel boss in uncollected, killed him, and it loaded back into the map where he was alive again as if I didn't fight him. This happened before a few months ago too
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    I had just defeated Masacre when it threw me back to the start and asked me to fight Sentry again

    This was in Legendary Love is a Battlerealm quest 2

    I don't want to lose my progress and start over
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    Faced this bug when I was doing master EQ in 2.1 using Poco f1
    First I did one fight using CMM but due to well known connection issue I have to do it again and I choose Wasp but for my surprise It was CMM a I finished fight and there is one more surprise I was back to that fight I choose IMIW but again CMM.

    What a funny bug...
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    I think I'm dealing with a similiar issue in the monthly quest chapter 2.2 took path B to hulk buster, couple fights later I'm fighting OG captain America, I think I've used nick fury 3 times against him, and it keeps bringing me back to fight OG captain America again, I'm about to try it with a dif champ.
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 306
    I'm having the same issue in the monthly quest, uncollected difficulty, chapter 2.2, I took path B to hulk buster, and when I get to the OG captain America fight it won't let me go any further. I've fought OG capt 3 times using nick fury and then on the he 4th time I used captain America infinity war and still wouldn't let me pass, so I just had to quit the quest and am gonna try it again and see what happens.
  • Thanks for letting us know about this, gang! I'm flagging it up now!
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    Welcome to Android. We've had these issues for years, but don't worry, they're "looking into it."
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    I'm still losing half my health in AQ. this doesn't happen all the time but it's aggravating. Go into a fight the screen keeps sticking on the prefight screen the one with the little spinning thing. and 5 or 6 minutes goes by and I have to exit the game and restart. Hints the reason for losing half my health. there should be a way to tell the difference between game freezing and someone escaping out to avoid losing a champion. Hope y'all can fix the conductivity issues. it's been happening for some time now.
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    Same issue. Event quest 2.1 Mixed emotions Cavalier difficulty. Playing on android Samsung Galaxy s10

    Cellular connection (Telenor)

    Annihilus node didnt register as completed but all the ones before and after were registered.

    No boosts used. Team: Nick fury 5* duped, Captain Marvel (movie) 5* duped, Corvus 5* duped, Symbiote supreme 6* and Sorcerer Supreme 6*

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    Completed and 100% explored Chapter 1 of the Love is a Battlerealm side quest. Chapter 2 will not unlock for some reason.
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