Please note that when we enable the 1 Loyalty Cost for Revives in Alliance Wars for Season 34, they will not be visible from the screen that appears when you choose to Revive or Heal a Champion from the Fight Screen.

You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

Open alliance for those tired of the grind

We are a laid back group of semi-retirees that have played together for years and still like to collect rewards.

We do map 3 in AQ currently but with more folks we can do map 4 no problem. Some of us complete a BG of map 3 on our own. Currently we get about 1850-2000 glory per week.

We run war just for fun. We run 1 BG and win 7-8 out of every 10 matchups.

You will never be booted for inactivity unless we reach capacity.

So come chill with us, grow at your own pace, and collect some rewards without the pressure.

Line app not required.

OG Brotherhood (O-G-B)


  • Lopes247Lopes247 Posts: 20
    Hit me up on line nowaybro247
  • mcyeezuzmcyeezuz Posts: 106
    Hey, I have around 4-5 accounts that I want to keep active but at a very chill level, is it possible to join?
  • belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    I’d be interested
    Hit me up on line or ig
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    Thanks for the interest, @belli300 and @mcyeezuz, but we filled up just after I posted this on the 10th.
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    edited February 2021
    We are at 30/30 but we have about 4 in actives that we can remove to make room. @belli300 @mcyeezuz .

    Let me know if you’re interested.

    We are in Tier 7 of AW and we are doing maps 3 and 4 AQ. We have been placing between 7200-7800 rank.

  • Hey @MSRDLD I am interested in joining, hit me up ingame at JohnnyE2210 or Line at johnnye2210. Might have a friend interested aswell
  • NitoNito Posts: 68
    @MSRDLD is be interested in joining. Looking for this type of alliance. Haven’t had an alliance in about 6 months, just got tired of the obligation to always be on. But I still play everyday. In game name Orshado
  • NitoNito Posts: 68

    And that’s my profile too, thanks!
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    Invite sent!
  • Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 655 ★★★
    MSRDLD said:

    Invite sent!

    Can I join your alliance, I am pretty active but I can't play during my college hours which is 8am to 4:30 pm
    My timezone is +5:30 GMT
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    edited February 2021
    Sure guys. Friend me in game: Icebreakers.

  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    Since I will have to boot an inactive to make room for anyone, you’ll need to friend me in game or msg me on Line: MSRDLD and we can work it out.
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    Have room for 1 to join.
  • Still have a spot available?
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★

    Still have a spot available?

    Yep! Hit me up to join. “Icebreakers.” In game
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    And now have another spot open if anyone is ready.
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    Hey. Have 2-4 open spots for anyone wanting to join. Still doing maps 3/4 of AQ.
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