Good 3 alliance looking for 2

Currently Gold 3 (finished Gold 2 last season). After AQ a couple of our heavy hitters moved on to better things. AQ we normally score 170M+ running 5-4-4. We are in discussions to run 5-5-4.


  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    Still looking. Good group that have been together a while. Needing that fresh perspective that you can bring to the team.
  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    A couple of our new recruits were less than active players so we are in the hunt for 2 more. Let me know here or in game if you are interested.
  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    Looking for one! Gold 3 ally just missed Gold 2 this past season. We run 2x AW BG in season and 5-4-4 in AQ which results in ~3800 Glory each cycle.
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