Still Remember Who Your First Maxed 4* Was?



  • GreanGrean Posts: 1,373 ★★★★
    im having a hard time tryna keep up with dem insightful
  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 224
    OG Thor then he got stupid nerfed
  • Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 372 ★★
    Archangel, awakened him from the basic arena summer 2018, took him up immediately. Easily defeated Act 4 Maestro, good times
  • Blackshadow0203Blackshadow0203 Posts: 125
    I think mine was Medusa. Ranked her up to deal with the Act 5 Ultron boss.
  • MrCabbageMrCabbage Posts: 39
    wow you guys havent maxed out too great four stars. well neither have i seeing how i dont have any maxed out! but when i do imma max out my man war machine.

    sincerely mr cabbage xoxoxoxo
  • General Br3ezeGeneral Br3eze Posts: 101
    MR Cabbage? Is a 4* Cpt Marvel Movie not good?
  • The_HoTUThe_HoTU Posts: 131
    Mine was Hyperion
  • 16wegnerk16wegnerk Posts: 210 ★★
    Captain America WWII, the perfect block and bleed were pretty killer back in the day
  • Mine was civil warrior waaaay back and it was pretty much cause I liked his design and I wasn't really paying attention to what was meta or not and which champs are the best in the game, just a casual care free gamer
  • ShinobiGuyShinobiGuy Posts: 456 ★★★
    Scarlett Witch, pre 12.0. She got me through ROL.
  • MkkalMkkal Posts: 6
    Never had a maxed out 4*
  • TheVyrusTheVyrus Posts: 395 ★★★
    Venompool - T4CC were tough back then and I had cosmic. He really wasn't too bad back then either.
  • PyrdaPyrda Posts: 253 ★★
    Taskmaster - I just returned to the game when he was a gift, I thought he must be god tier.
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 343 ★★
    OG Thor, approximately 16 hours before they announced 12.0 update 😔
  • phil56201phil56201 Posts: 708 ★★★
    Slimeball said:

    uhh blade? i think, put up 8 mil in his first basic arena and took him to r5 sig 99 same day, lots of fun

    I remember those days. Back when getting a 4* out of the basic arena would help my account in a major way. I put up like 9.7m for Sparky back in Jan 2018 (still my highest PVP steak to date with 484 consecutive wins lol). I was so scared I would miss him. Put up like 7.5m for Blade both rounds when he was in the basic arena in April or May 2018 but couldn't R5 him for like another month cause T4CC's were such a rare resource for me back then. I think that time (2018-2019) was the most enjoyable the game has ever been for me

    But anyway, my 1st 5/50 4* was an unawakened Vision AOU back in late 2017. I believe Iceman was next a month or 2 later. Can't quite remember who was third, but it might have been either GR or Sparky.
  • TesladonTesladon Posts: 160
    OG Iron Man. Still goes with me nowhere.
  • Pirate_JennyPirate_Jenny Posts: 10
    Cull Obsidian
  • MaybeThisIsNotMeMaybeThisIsNotMe Posts: 102
    Karnak cause I couldn’t get enough t4cc back then and he’s the only champ that doesn’t require 3 of the same class to rank up.
    When pure skill wasn’t nerfed, he was usable... just
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 3,789 ★★★★★
    If I remember correctly, it was CapIW. Definitely an awesome champ
  • Bsweezy0821Bsweezy0821 Posts: 173
    My first rank 5 was doom... still use him everywhere I can
  • A7madD1wA7madD1w Posts: 100

    my first, one year ago
  • JadedJaded Posts: 3,537 ★★★★★
    4* r5 og BW (before 12.0)
    5* r3 Loki (first 5* r3)
    5* r4 Star Lord (first 5* r4)
    5* r5 Blade (first maxed out 5*)
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,663 ★★★★★
    Red Hulk. First 4*, first R5.
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 808 ★★★
    Popped some map 4 crystals and managed to take hype up
  • FamousRyFamousRy Posts: 102
    My first Maxed 4 star was Wolverine, bc i so badly wanted to complete Realm Of Leg. And I remember my 2nd shortly after , was Ultron, For AQ and Our AW Boss. 5+ Years ago
  • Another_NameAnother_Name Posts: 174

    First 5/50 also first max sig 4*
  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 71
  • Ab_SamadAb_Samad Posts: 380 ★★
    Gwen pool
  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 802 ★★★
    16wegnerk said:

    Captain America WWII, the perfect block and bleed were pretty killer back in the day

    He had good prestige back when he was introduced too
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