Anyone know?

Hey guys, anyone know where i can get this done fast with a 3 star psycho man? i’m thinking like road to the lab esque quests where it’s minimal energy, thanks


  • SlimeballSlimeball Posts: 314 ★★

    there’s a mister fantastic in an act 1 quest followed by a quake

    it’s either 1.4.1 or 1.1.4

    thanks man appreciate it a bunch :)
  • 1.4.1 Quake
    1.4.4 BPCW (and Karnak afterward)
    Duel “Blast 20222” MrFantastic (at least it was last couple weeks), or else further out after Quake in 1.4.1
  • JunaisJunais Posts: 394 ★★★
    Duel "Blast20222" for MrFantastic Fantastic Four.
    Search vlad0101 and u will see some name with 2*BlackBolt for Inhumans.
    Duel "woman a" for 2*black panther.
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