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Looking for map 5 and some relaxed war

Looking for an organized map 5 ally running 5x5 3bgs. Also war but not stressful.

Ezra76 on line


  • LnL16LnL16 Posts: 7
    Profile looks great. Have you found a home yet?
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 607 ★★
    Still not settled anywhere. No idea what my current ally is doing. They had 30 players and only ran 2 groups aq

    I'm in eastern standard time zone.

  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 607 ★★
    LnL16 said:

    Profile looks great. Have you found a home yet?

    Saw your ad and messaged you on line. Looks like a really good fit if time zones match up
  • DFORTUNE03DFORTUNE03 Posts: 15
    Will message u in mcoc we are gold 1 aw we just handle our paths etc aq all map 5 with mods Zodi8 ally communication is most important also we use line mcoc and line same tag
  • DFORTUNE03DFORTUNE03 Posts: 15
    I sent friend request in mcoc
  • Hey man look me up ZombieStew I’m looking to add 3-5 members. My alliance I’m currently running aq 3 bgs 2 map 4, and map 5. I could use someone just like you. We are pretty cool. Aw is optional not for everyone but I run 1 everytime I can. Aq is our focus and if I get 3 members that can handle map 5 I’ll be bumping it to 2 map 5 we run master mods all week. Last aq we hit 180,000 score. Hit me up and you won’t regret
  • ThatKidAGEThatKidAGE Posts: 30
    Hey Ezra, have you found a home yet?
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 607 ★★
    Thank you I joined one that looks like a good fit
  • ThatKidAGEThatKidAGE Posts: 30
    No problem bro. Glad you found a home.
  • mkuhn19mkuhn19 Posts: 75

    LF 1
    Maps 554
    3 BG AW
    Line Required
    mkuhn19 in game and on Line App
  • PsychqoPsychqo Posts: 12
    Hey, my alliance is looking for reliable players to join. Map 5 quest. Ended up in silver 1/gold 3 position. Username in game and on Line app is Psychqo. Alliance name is 4THEG.
    Hope to hear from you.
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