Camp Anawanna, looking for new campers!

Not everyone wants to grind themselves to the bone (goodbye thumb joints) or be the one player dragging the corpse of a half empty, half active alliance along. That's why we're here... firmly in the middle! Progress with less stress and pressure!

Got a full time job? So do we!
Got kids? Got those too!
Dont have either? You're welcome as well!

We're Camp Anawanna (Not associated with Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts but totally inspired by). Tag: uFoul We're a stable alliance (same leadership team since our inception more than 3 years ago) with most members having been with the team for the majority of that time! Yes there are old inside jokes, and yes we will fill you in.

We are a 2BG alliance for aq and war (cause sometimes you just got other obligations). In aq we run 5x5 in one battlegroup and 3x5 with master modifiers in the other hitting over 90m weekly. That means, no donations! For war we've been riding the line between gold 2 and gold 3 for a while now, depending on how much tier 5 shows up to defecate on our souls. Yes, that's gross... but that's tier 5 for you. We hit rank for most alliance events, but really only push SA contributions.

Still interested?

We're currently looking for 2 active summoner with a 700k+ rating. But wait, you ask, what about prestige?!? Look, if you've built a 700k roster around low prestige meme champs, that's your perogative... but you're still welcome to join!

LINE is required. My id: ughzy
Message me if your interested!


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