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Time for Groot to get a buff, he should get a new ability ‘splinter’ which causes bleed to defenders. Critical hits causes splinter and splinter bleed amount is based on crit damage. Groots current fury and crit from damage taken makes his ability very defensive (like black bolt’s used to be) so from buff he should build furies and crits through attacking. This will then make him a viable attacker as his damage output would be better and also be able to do bleed damage through splinter ability.

What’s your thoughts Guys?
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  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,473 ★★★★★
    he needs no buff

    a nerf if anything
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,338 ★★★★★
    Yes, he does need a buff. I think some sort of bleed mechanic would be fun, also considering I found him on an Act 6 node this morning where the defender's bleed abilities are 200% more effective. I've always thought he should have a bleed mechanic where it refreshes after every hit, and the damage scales for every hit on the combo meter.
  • Destroyer123Destroyer123 Posts: 368 ★★
    Have you not seen those videos of him one shorting things? Nerf time :)
  • PapdichaatPapdichaat Posts: 85
    He absolutely needs a nerf. Too OP in my opinion. The only champ better than him is unitman!!
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