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I'm not gonna say much but I guess that was enough time since the last matchmaking / rewards update...
Gold 3 always matching with fellow 27-30m alliance ratings. No, no one's losing to drop... Everyone's playing diversity and doing their best (based on war stats ofc not just us)

So what am I suggesting here?
Alliances with 27m rating have an average of what 800-900k per player? And these players are getting 10k 5* shards or 1k 6* shards a month without even t5 basic... Again, for playing for a FULL month.
Officers finding time to fix diversity, to balance each BG, to fix defender placement for this. We all got jobs dude and what I'm saying is give us a break... It's too much work for this little

You can ignore all what I just said just look for at least 5 alliances in each league below gold 1 and find it for yourselves if a single 5* Sentry (or whatever sh* you get) for doing a full month of wars is worth the effort


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    Rewards need a buff, no doubt about that, but defence stuff is fine
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    been saying it now for years one really listens
    thats why players dont engage in AW and those who are, dont spent units as the rewards
    not worth it, many times this action reflects in losing and demotivating players to keep pushing forward.
    enough of them to add 150-300 glory points per war win and its already a worthy !
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    Lvernon15 said:

    Rewards need a buff, no doubt about that, but defence stuff is fine

    The defence stuff is fine assuming your alliance members play along. So I would say from Platinum upwards, it's less of a problem because everyone is on the same page. They know they want to win and they do what it takes, Gold and below is where casual kicks in. I'm not saying it easier to be an officer in a high tier AW alliance, you just have a different set of problems. Officers in casual alliances have to deal with:
    • members placing in the last 5 minutes
    • members not checking previous placements for duplicates
    • and people just placing horrible defenders because that is what they had available not for questing.
    It's a pain counting down how many people still need to place as the timer ticks down. Constantly bumping it in LINE. Then you go in to do placements and find 4 sunspots in a BG... nice work guys on diversity.

    Sure you can kick people that don't tow the line but that also affects AQ and who says you will end up with someone better? Bring someone else in, they say all the right things and then it's the same thing.

    You can get better rewards just doing a path in Act 6 or 7.1 and avoid all those headaches.
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    You're a legend lol that's exactly what's happening... And I can't even kick anyone because "No good player would join a G3 or g2 alliance"... I'll probably have to recruit a new player with 100k - 200k profile rating and then he / she will leave the next day. Incase they did stay, the problem will be his / her item use since we run map 5s with wars... Spending all the glory on health potions instead of spending them on upgrade material (t5b, t2a, t1a, etc...)
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    Now recruiting low level players isn't bad... Don't get me wrong, I can understand and help them. It's just that a 100-200k player won't fit in a 28m alliance
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