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Rankup Gem!

Annihilator13_Annihilator13_ Posts: 195
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I need to use my generic rank up gem(3-->4) on My 5* star falcon, but I cant use it coz I already have skill rank up gem,
I contacted supported team regarding this, they said I need to use my skill rank up gem first, later they'll swap it.
I did like they said, I used my rankup gem on my falcon. It's been 5 to 6 days...I didnt get my skill rankup gem, but they took my Generic rankup gem. I contacted supported team regarding this like three times I haven't got a single reply from.them...
They took it just like that,
When will I get it back?

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    Hey @Annihilator13_, we don't have access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to help with issues like this. We're also unable to check on the status of Support tickets.

    I recommend being patient in the meantime. Rest assured, our Support Team will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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