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Add new filter

BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 1,406 ★★★
edited February 24 in Suggestions and Requests
Perhaps Kabam could add filter were we can search within rarity the rank. Say for example searching your roster for rank 4 5* that are skill, science, etc. Just a thought, I was thinking about yesterday and wanted to share.
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  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 1,406 ★★★
    I apologize I realize I should have posted this in a different section. I just posted this in the right section.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 2,793 ★★★★★
    They've done good work on the champ filters, but more to be done for sure. Would also like it to have a "Use Last Filter" button at top of that window.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,599 ★★★★★
    I don’t quite understand why this is needed. Unless it’s like a max sig Thor Rags at r3 and an unduped Elektra at r4, they would be separated anyways. They are in order well enough imo. Could you elaborate?
  • QacobQacob Posts: 1,624 ★★★★★
    What I think is more needed is an awakened/unawakened filter
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 1,225 ★★★★
    I'd just like the option to duel or some day, practice, directly from the champion screen. Having to search for a duel by name is super frustrating, especially when a good chunk of the names don't even show up when you search for them.


    Are just 3 I wanted to test out and screenshot this week that don't show up in search. There are definitely more missing too and could easily be fixed this way.
  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 415 ★★
    Also add year. Since rank up gems are based on year
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