How to tigra because why not

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Idk I got bored today and thought: Why not make a thread about how to tigra?

So here it is

Basic abilities:
Tigra has this ability called neutralize which pretty much reduces the ability accuracy of buffs by 100%. Neutralize is inflicted upon landing a hit and last 2.5 seconds. It does not stack. Additionally, if the opponent fails to activate a buff while Neutralize is active, they are inflicted with a rupture debuff dealing (X) physical damage.

She also has this thing where she makes all projectile special attacks miss while charging a heavy attack.

Tigra has 2 senses that can be activated through her signature ability, her special 1 or her special 3. These senses are paused whenever the opponent is neutralized. They will not trigger while Tigra has a slow, weakness or exhaustion debuff.

Primal Sense: Inflicting the opponent with a rupture will deal (X) damage on to them, and this damage is doubled during special attacks

Huntress sense: Whenever the opponents attack misses or Tigra inflicts a rupture debuff, she will gain 10% of a bar of power.

Tigra's playstyle is pretty much just about heavy intercepts and special 2s. Tigra doesn't need the awakening, but it definitely makes fights go faster. If your tigra isn't awakened, you're going to want to use your special one twice to activate both of Tigra's senses or use her special 3.

Basic rotation:
So at the start of a fight, you are going to want to just do basic 7-hit combos until your opponent is in the corner. Once they are in the corner, you pretty much just spam heavy attacks and then use your special 3. If tigra is not awakened, you should probably use 2 special 1 so that she has both modes active. Tigra's special 3 activates both senses and inflicts a permanent rupture debuff on the opponent. You should probably parry prior to using your special 3 as the modes start unpaused. After using your special 3, you are going to push the opponent back into the corner and spam heavy attacks and just Continue using your special 2, with an occasional special 1 or special 3 to refresh her modes.

The Hard Part: Learning when to intercept
This is probably where most people give up learning to play Tigra because it is extremely difficult to learn the spacing of different heavy attacks and special attacks. the key to this is to practice. there will most likely be a lot of messing up against special and heavy attacks, but you start to get a feel on how to play around them. Two skills that are really important when tryna intercept specials:
1. using light attacks during your opponents special attacks: in some scenarios, dashing back will make to much of distance between your opponent and you, which usually ends in you getting clipped or dying a painful death. So, using your light attacks will reduce the distance between you and your opponent. Timing is key while trying to master this.

2. Miss mechanic. This ability is one of the major things that makes Tigra, Tigra. While holding you heavy, all projectile attacks will miss, which is nice while fighting champs with annoying specials like Apocalypse, Winter Soldier and the Collector. learning when to use the heavy is important because if you are one second too late, Tigra gets clipped and she dies. Light attacks really help because it removes the space between you and the opponent and it makes it much easier to counter the opponent when their special attacks finishes.

Tips for fighting Apocalypse:
So the reason tigra works so well for apoc is because 1. she doesn't need to continuously parry, and 2. She easily counters his special 1. So to completely bypass apocs special 1, there are 3 easy-ish steps
1) dash back 3 times at the moment the special attack is activated
2) use 3 light attacks to remove the spacing between them. make sure that you use the final light attack after apocalypse does his final physical "stomp" so that you don't get clipped by his special
2. Apocalypse's special 1 inflicts a weakness for 25 seconds, meaning Tigra will not be able to go unblockable or cause attacks to miss for those 25 seconds.
3) Hold your heavy attack until the special attack is complete. once it is, you can use her heavy attack and get some chonky damage.

Hope you know at least a brief overview of tigra and what she can do

Thank you for coming to my TED talk


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    So what do you guys think?
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    That’s a great summary. I love my awakened 5* Tigra. I’m currently considering whether to take her to rank 5.

    I’m not a great player, but she’s fun to fight with.
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    A few things. Slow, Exhaustion and Weakness have nothing to do with Tigras senses, they prevent her personal miss and unblockable mechanics against non cosmic opponents.
    Not only do you need to throw light attacks for proper spacing some specials need mediums including but not limited to IMIW sp1 and sp2 and Annihilus sp1.
    Her playstyle for most fights does not include sp3, smaller opponents like Cav EQ or even RoL go down fine with just sp2 spam as long as you keep up your senses. The rupture from her sp3 almost doubles the damage on her specials so it is useful against longer fights.
    Never use suicide masteries with Tigra against Apocalypse. If you are suffering from a damaging debuff Apocalypse triggers his personal debuffs when launching his specials instead of hitting you with them so he will inflict a weakness debuff with his sp1 which will, as mentioned above prevent her from causing projectile based specials to miss
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    👀 there is only two tigra players I trust.
  • FintechFintech Posts: 130 ★★
    Texas_11 said:

    👀 there is only two tigra players I trust.

    Who might they be?
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