[iOS] Why isn't controller supported anymore?

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I have been wishing for years, like many MCOC fans, that this game fully supported controllers, like other games like Asphault i.e., menu navigation and game play. The game did support controller few years back. Just the gameplay but not menu options etc. But of late my sore fingers makes me wish the game fully supported controller. But then when I checked, the game doesn't support controller at all anymore.

To be honest, my ultimate desire is for this game to be supported on Apple TV. This has been my desire ever since I started playing this game 6 years ago. I believe Kabam clarified that they don't have plans to support Apple TV. Any updates in that area?

TV or no-TV but just mobile, I am a little disappointed that the game doesn't support controller in gameplay any more. I wish the support is brought back.

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    I believe because of adding Joystick support will make it easier to fight and content
    with joystick you have more control (from my experience in other app games)
    it feels more natural if you pretty much was raised with PS or XBOX from your childhood till today.
    while on phone screen touch, there are ALWAYS input bugs and delays
    you might try heavy instead dash back to while intercepting to do medium instead.

    I'm 100% sure Joystick support won't come to MCOC.
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    Ease of play on touch vs. game controller is purely subjective. Though I agree with the point of view and I am sure many people will share the same perspective, I don't agree that one is better than the other. By supporting a game controller, Kabam will only make the game more appealing and it's not too hard to support (given they did in the past).

    Multiplayer FPS games like COD:Mobile are a different breed and I don't think that logic applies to this game because players don't face each other but just the AI.
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    Hey @JazzKnight, while playing with a controller may have been possible in the past, it's not something we ever intended and it's definitely not something we ever supported. Given the vast number of controllers available on the market and that each of those can behave differently, it's not something we plan on supporting in the future either.

    To answer your other question, we still don't have any plans to provide support for the game on Apple TV.

    I can understand your desires and I'd like to thank you for your suggestions. While there are no immediate plans to support either of these things, as always, we'll be sure to keep your suggestions in mind when we're considering making future changes.
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