Mystic to R5 - DV, SW, Magik?

I want my first mystic to R5. Who is better, and why:
Doc Voodoo (sig 20)
Magik (sig 40)
SW (not dupped, but I have aw gem and about 80 sig stones)?
I don't have GR, have Hood and Mordo, but don't like them much.
Also I have a 5* not dupped IF. May be he is better, then others because he is 5*?
Already have 5*r3 BP classic (sig 40), and 5/50 Hyp (undupped) - that"s all.


  • Magik and doc both are in 5* version.. I have sw at sig 76 and I love her still one of the hardest hitters in the game despite 12.0
  • If is decidedly meh
  • Sw sp 2 with a fury and a crit buff is a fight ender in 99% of situations I run her in aq and don't use her specials unless I have those buffs active and I get a fair amount of regen
  • ForumGuyForumGuy Posts: 285
    Dr voodoo, do magik afterwards if you don't have her 5*.
    Dr. Voodoo

    Sw (down here because she's completely luck based and doesn't activate a lot a bunch of the times )

    Dr. Voodoo is a god, power control, healing, poison, ability reduction, and power gain. Everything sw can do, with less risk.

    Magik is good, very good. But she can go after voodoo, he'll help for almost everything(just like magik). But his abilities are beyond her a bit.
  • TempestTempest Posts: 295
    Hmm, it'll be between Magik and DV for me. DV has more interesting mechanics, because he has so many things going for him... regen, power control, poison, etc. But Magik also has very high utility and can power lock her opponent and pin him to the wall. I've found her so incredibly useful for all the difficult content in the game. She made Goldblum's challenge a piece of cake, she's helped out so much in 5.3, AW, etc. She's also simpler to learn as her mechanics aren't that complicated. You build to S2 and just keep going. I guess it depends on your skill level and play style. With DV, you'd have to manage your power bars, LOA count, hit count, depending what you want to do.
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