Incursions Bugged Out, Can't Proceed to Next Zone |Video|

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So doing incursions for milestones in Sector 8, since I already claimed top milestones for Sector 7 and 8 (up to zone 10)
first 5 Zoons went fine, in zone 5 at the mini boss, the game bugged out first time and I couldn't hit anything in champions select screen ( I got this bug many times now), but this is not the problem.
now after we finish the zone and had to vote to continue or conclude, the next zone button is grayed out and I can't hit it (I can hit conclude thou!)
it's worth mentioning that the top zone rewards for next zone is now available for me again!! (next zone, not the current one we are stuck in it)
I restarted the game 5 times, I even restarted my device and tried again, same outcome.

my device is Xiaomi note 8 pro running Android 10 and the game version is 30.1.1 (The optional one that just landed 4 or 5 hours ago)
I even recorded a video about it, here it is:
btw, I recorded this video after device restart, it's worth mentioning as well that I did clean install for this update since the update was 1.1gb which was the size of the game itself, so I figured why not reinstall it, which I did, so this is a fresh install of the game

Device : Redmi note 8 pro
Device OS: MIUI Global 12.0.6 (latest)
OS Version : Android 10 (latest)
Game Version: 30.1.1 (latest)
Game Mode: Incursions

P.S.: might have to do with incursions march update? since I saw the light and medium hacks (which inflict shock and incinerate) gone live?
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  • DocMcShottieDocMcShottie Posts: 43
    Also experiencing this issue
  • CorkscrewCorkscrew Posts: 276 ★★★
    Same issue as above.
    Clicking X will tell you a decision needs to be made, but Start is blocked out... only conclude is enabled.
    Hard restarted the game, doesn't clear the issue.
    Device : OnePlus 7T
    Device OS: Oxygen OS HD65AA
    OS Version : Android 10 (latest)
    Game Version: 30.1.1 (latest)
    Game Mode: Incursions
  • SolJaR12SolJaR12 Posts: 5
    Also getting this error at the end of zone 4 of sector 7.
    Me and an overseas friend play quite casually and just make moves over the 5 days when we are able. Wanted to try and grab the last zone bonus we didn’t get to yet before the zone bonuses reset. Doubt we will be able to now.
  • Jigs_sinojiyaJigs_sinojiya Posts: 1
  • Benreilly75Benreilly75 Posts: 10
    Me too in room 1 either on iOS or android.
    It's an absolute shame how many bugs this game has now
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 1,353 ★★★★
    Incursions is unplayable for me on iPhone today fights aren’t starting kicking back to map, 5-10 minute loading screens, freezing menu screens etc
  • DoowalesDoowales Posts: 25
    I’m also experiencing this problem and I don’t want to conclude as it showing that there is no rewards for concluding and I need the rewards to get my Crystal and as they are expiring soon I hope this issue is resolved ASAP
  • Benreilly75Benreilly75 Posts: 10
    Still no fix or response... It Is incredible how kabam doesn't care of fixing this game when there is no money to grab
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