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5* cosmic Crystal opening error

Mamu91Mamu91 Posts: 9
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I was opening the 5* cosmic crystal and suddenly internet got error and connection was gone... And now 10000 5* crytsal shard is gone and no champ is appearing.. What to do?
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  • IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 1,631 ★★★★
    Contact support
  • Destroyer123Destroyer123 Posts: 368 ★★
    Check allaince feed and see if a champ was opened from it then check sigs of that champ bet it lines up
  • Mamu91Mamu91 Posts: 9
    I checked with that... Yondu was found... With sig 40. But I haven't opened yondu till now...so that's not my champ..
  • Mamu91Mamu91 Posts: 9
    Iron gladiator where do we get this support help?
  • IWCIWC Posts: 104 ★★
    You seem to be describing different events here:
    1) The deduction happens after you purchase the crystal. - you lose the 10k 5* shards

    2) you open the crystal - the game hangs.

    At the point where the games hangs, this can mean 2 things:
    a) you did not successfully open the crystal
    b) you open the crystal but the champ that you got, had not register on the Alliance Feed

    Have you tried switching off and on your app? You may want to check your Alliance Feed again after doing that.

    Based on the crystal opening dynamics, it is very unlikely that you did not receive any champion if you did successfully open the crystal.
  • Mamu91Mamu91 Posts: 9
    Yes IWC I switched off the app and started the game back.. But no changes in alliance feed. And I have very few cosmic and tech champ. I clearly identify that none of them were duped.
  • Hey @Mamu91, when you open a Crystal on your device, the data from the Crystal opening is saved on our servers. This helps to protect the Rewards in case you encounter an issue such as a crash or your device battery suddenly dying. It also ensures that any Items or Champions from the Crystal are added to your account accordingly.

    If you're still unable to see the Champion or Reward you received from opening this Crystal, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team for clarification. You can contact them by clicking HERE.
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