Nebula and Blade Well Timed Block [Under Investigation]



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    True parry does work, but its a lot harder to do. The window to accomplish it is so small you have to time it to the millisecond. But the nebula thing is proof they messed with the controls/timing
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    Yep! This bs is all over the place! Love when the charges get transferred when u didn't get the parry u should have got! Awesome that y'alls own game micanics are even saying ur screwing this game up more n more... please help with characters not responding too. Thx.
  • I just face it for the 2nd times today. And its happen same as the first time. I fight normal then when i reach sp2. I blocking to charge to 8 shock. Then i parry. Parry is success but shock not transfer to opo. Then i parry again. Shock transfered to opo.
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    KingOfMcoc wrote: »
    So I go do some fights and it doesn’t get that starting parry for some reason.

    When you block at the very beginning of the fight and they attack, it’s supposed to be a parry but not the case for me, if this does have something to do with this

    Agree. This has happened a lot recently. Well timed block at the beginning of the fight , no parry.
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    Nebula Shocks on Parry. Well-timed Block/Block timed well, same thing. The issue is with the delay in controls, and not the Parry mechanic itself.

    Not for me, or @YoMoves - or at least, not reliably.

    As stated, we regularly parry (and stun) using Nebula without proc'ing her Shocks. And no, not against opponents who can reduce ability accuracy.

    I have no problem with Parry - it works fine for me. But Nebula's shock doesn't get inflicted reliably, even when the opponent is parried and stunned. So for us, it's the 'well timed block' that's broken.

    It could be device delay - I'm curious if @YoMoves is on Android too?
    C'mon guys, you know you should give some details when reporting a suspected bug! Give the Kabam team a chance to investigate this stuff!

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    I've just worked out I somehow missed half a page of comments, including where Kabam zibitt acknowledged exactly the problem I was helpfully pointing out.



    My apologies to @GroundedWisdom for replying to clarify something he was clearly well aware of.
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