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So I recently made a post about how my game was crashing and lagging alot.. in which I had a Motorola ZForce2 that had the snapdragon 835 processor and Android 9.. Today I went and upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with the snapdragon 865 processor and Android 10 built in.. game is running smoother and no crashing.. maybe the game is getting to big for older phones? I don't know i just wanted to share my experience.


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    Glad to hear you're now having a smooth experience!
    I personally use my K20 Pro for the game with Snapdragon 855
    And One Plus 8 with Snapdragon 865 for calls 😂
  • gage201205gage201205 Posts: 469 ★★★

    I had that phone and returned it the next day. Game lagged and froze throwing specials and had so many ghost inputs I couldn't play MCOC at all. Especially with the 120hz gaming mode on, which is why I bought it in the 1st place. Swapped it for a oneplus8 5g and have been soooo much happier.

    I hope the s20 fe holds up for you - maybe mine was a dud, but some threads suggest it's widespread and still happening after several updates that were supposed to fix the issue.

    Thanks for the info I have 15 days to return it I don't like so I'll watch it closing they have also released two updates on it
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