Captain Marvel or Drax using awakening gem?

So I have a 5 star awakening gem and I accept that I'll probably never get a god tier 5 star champ as my last 5 pulls were Magneto, Civil Warrior panther, Hulkbuster, Moonknight and Spidergwen (from a featured at that). My question is, are these characters worth a 5 star cosmic awakening gem to do a run at LoL with?

I pretty much have all the bad ass 4 stars like Hyperion, Thor, Starlord, GhostRider, Wolverine, Voodoo and Archangel at Rank 5. But that damn rage LoL timer prevents these guys from lasting more than a couple minutes so I need a 5 star to beat it without spending 10k units.

Thanks for your help


  • I personally have a soft spot for drax. However, Capt marvel is more than just a bleeder. Depending on how far along you are for in game content. ( Story, PvP skill, AQ, WAR) I'd say over all Capt marvel would benefit more
  • I wouldn't touch any of those champs with it. Maybe go rank 3 for PvP purposes but that's at a point of comfort as far as resources
  • Moonknight is the only arguable champ imo
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