Map7 Boss rush+P3/P2

45Mil Alliance with 11K average is searching for a Player after this Season.(a member of us takes break-nobody gets kicked)

The Alliance gets run buy a leader who is an experienced master ex officer and knows this game inside out.

We do Map7 Boss Rush epics&AW P3/P2

If anybody is searching for a place and has needed abilities to play with us-is welcome and may pm me about details

You get:
-10% T5cc after every AQ for very low cost&stress
-Master level of war and AQ plan with team,path and fight scenario suggestments for highest results
-very mature situation inside the alliance
-Social Team which sees every member as a part of it and not something to use and throw away
-minimum of P3 if alliance is in relaxed state for a season
-maximum of P2 if all in (higher possible maybe with merging a bg)
-every important decision is made via Poll voting

Team needs:

-normal activity
-play slower but on quality within your best time window
-read needed info and participate/utilize it
-node understanding and analytical ability to understand at least simple counters
-bring never any excuse. If u failed-analyze and get better next time

Thanks for your time


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