How to fight Prof X?

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*Insert obligatory AQ rant here*

I was going to complain a lot but someone might ask and I didn't want to mention map 2, my serious lack of skill and sorely undeveloped roster but seriously, who are the best counters and what is the correct way to bash that fool good?


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    See here is da way:- Dont finish combo. You can only parry his first medium. Do 4 hits and back off :)
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,306 ★★★★
    So it appears there is a timer of some sort and I should pay attention to it. It also appears paying attention works ok.
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    this week in map 2 there's a global node that gives mutants (or X-Men? i don't remember) vigilance and true accuracy, bringing three mutants/X-Men in your team will give you a 30 seconds Vigilance effect, bypassing the miss mechanic: parry/heavy at the start of the fight and when needed, and you won't have to worry about falter anymore ^_^
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