Iron Monger and Whiplash Champion Ideas

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Hello Everyone! Today I come to you with two new Champion ideas! As you might know, I have recently been making Champion Buff idea's as I rewatch the Mcu. However, since the more recent movies I watched were the Iron Man movies (1 and 2), I have decided to take on a new challenge. Along with making buffs, I will also create Champion Ideas for heroes and Villains in the movies! So I present to you today, Iron Monger and Whiplash!

These two villains have one thing in common. Their Hatred for Stark! (And dying while trying to kill Stark, but uh, you know) And today they have entered the contest to wreak destruction on Stark Enterprises once again.

The first up is Iron Monger! He may look like another Iron Man, but that's because he was made from the very first Iron Man suit Tony Stark created! I assure you, this hulking mechanical suit is better than anything Stark could have created!

The next up is Whiplash! Who created the Arc reactor first? Ivan's father or Tony's Father? Why, its both! Ivan's father, Anton, wanted to use it for money and power while Tony's father, Howard, saw it only for good. Now with an Arc reactor powering Anton's whips, he has become the villain Whiplash!

I hope you have enjoyed! The next up I hope to have out is a Captain America WW2 buff, though that might be a bit. I have most of it set up, but it's taking longer than I expected (Not much to work with somewhat). However, I am also planning on another 2 champion ideas. These ones you'll have to guess though. I will give a hint to help you. both are female, and both have a run in with a powerful Witch. Thanks for reading! Please give your feedback on the champion ideas! I'd love to hear them. They help me grow better at doing this type of stuff!


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