Potential of Nova after update

KaruseusKaruseus Posts: 437 ★★
It was a small tweak in numbers, and being designed as a defensive character, he does lack offensive utilities and damage output.

While it does require specific skills and some RNG, hopefully this GIF does outline the potential of current Nova

6*r2 nova with Gamora synergy


  • KaruseusKaruseus Posts: 437 ★★
    I totally agree that he will never be the top of his class as an attacker. As a defender...? I’m not sure... though Nova that holds on to his sp is sure a pain in the ass...

    His mechanics provides a lot of fun if you want to take a time out of bulldozing through quests, and just manipulate your champ to try out different styles
    It’s just that you shouldn’t expect too much of attacking potential from a character designed to be defensive
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 1,485 ★★★★
    If they were going to make a popular champ with mechanics that make him not fun to actually use, they should've leaned into it and made him a solo synergy beast. That could have made him, I won't say "best of both worlds" because I would've settled for "fun to use despite being lower middle of pack weak with pretty effects".
  • PbishopPbishop Posts: 143
    He’s just a colorful drax meh damage & no utility whatsoever lol & a glorified war defense champ
  • ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 1,948 ★★★★
    Hes very fun to play. Just about it really
  • UltimatheoryUltimatheory Posts: 483 ★★★
    That is every hit getting a crit in that special which is unrealistic. And to be honest given that condition, that’s still not that great for multiple furies generated at that rank of champ. He’s at Korg level for me, fun to play with some synergies in the right conditions, otherwise he’s purely defensive.
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 787 ★★★
    Its also a mystery why they would make a defensive champ, but focus so much on his player mechanics. Like, his mechanics are focused on user interface but his skills are focused on a.i. usage.
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